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Only 3 spots left for October 23rd Sound Bath with Hamilton Garces!

Please join us on Friday, October 23rd at 6 pm for a very special night of sound healing with Hamilton Garces!

If you have never attended a sound bath then this is your chance! A Sound Bath, sometimes referred to as a Sound Journey or Vibrational Meditation, is the practice of being deeply immersed in sounds and vibrations that have the power to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Sound baths can aid in the release of negative tensions, making space for healing. A Sound Bath aims to invite relaxation and restoration. Sound is used to create a meditative environment where the body and mind can shift from a more active state to a state of introspection and deep rest. This sound immersion experience is sure to provide a much needed opportunity for peace, healing, stillness and quiet amid the chaos. Take a moment to invest in your physical and mental health. Hamilton will guide you through deep relaxation and meditation, withdrawing the senses, to connect inward with the heart. Allow yourself to relax and restore on a cellular level while Hamilton transmits the highest vibrations of love and light with 432Hz Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo and more. Deep relaxation is extremely beneficial to releasing physical, mental and emotional stress which helps to balance your inner peace. To close the class Hamilton will lead you through Pranayama (breath control) and then a group meditation. Bring a pillow and blanket or whatever you might need to create a comfortable space for yourself to recline or sit. We will also have props on hand to share. A Sound Bath cleanses the soul with positive vibrations. Space is limited (ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!) in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This class will be an hour long and costs $20. Payment options are as follows; Venmo at Cavin-Moore, PayPal at, checks made out to Cavin Moore and cash. Hope to see you there! Shanti!

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